We Help Media Companies Increase Market Value

Our Full-Service Agency Provides Audience Extension Advertising, Course Development, Online Summits, Marketing Automation, and more.

Free Audience Extension Web ClassHow We Doubled Our Online Revenue in 90-Days

What High Value Publishing Does For Our Customers

  • Online Course Development

    We develop the course, create the webinar funnel, drive traffic, and create the membership site.

  • Audience Development

    We help our niche media clients double their online revenue without burning out their subscriber list or adding more ad banners to their website

  • Online Summits

    Online summits increase your authority, grow your audience, and add sponsorship dollars. In addition, you can integrate them with online courses and audience extension advertising.

Why High Value Publishing (HVP)?

Mark Smith is a former IT Director who started Windows NT Magazine in 1995 and sold it to Penton Media in 2000 for $100M.  The media company had 657,000 unique subscribers and was in 13 languages and distributed in 160 countries.

Since then, Mark has been helping publishing companies increase market value through cutting edge digital marketing strategies.

Services We Provide

These Services Are Available To Our Full Service Clients

  • Video & Photo Services

    We shoot & edit 4k video for courses, events, video sales letters, story videos and more.

  • Funnels / Marketing Automation

    We have built over hundreds of funnels including: webinar, book, membership, leadgen, application, supplement, eCommerce, and more.

  • Copywriting

    We have written hundreds of high-converting VSL’s, landing pages, email sequences, webinars, lead magnets, etc.

  • Personalized Marketing Strategies

    We work with business owners to develop marketing strategies designed to increase market value.

See What Other People Say About High Value Publishing

I can't say enough about Mark. He's a fantastic human being and a brilliant businessman.

I worked with Mark to help found the first Windows NT Magazine when he was with Penton and I was with Microsoft.

We also worked on several Windows NT educational events and trade shows to help evangelize and build the tech community around Windows NT back when it was viewed as the underdog in business.

Mark had a vision, he had the technical background to speak to the issues that developers cared about, and he over-delivered on every project we did together. Mark sees the big picture, but more importantly, he can explain it to other people and infect them with his passion.

Mark gets amazing things done, and I always know I'll get objective, no-nonsense business advice and perspective from him.

- Solveig Whittle, Microsoft

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